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  • Low Arrow Chair

    Low Arrow Chair
    36"H x 16"D x 19"W (Arm chair 25"W) The arrow chair is named after the shape of its back slats. This low version is ideal for smaller tables and eating areas wh...(more)

    $176.40 More Details
  • Jumbo Bent Paddle Chair (Deep Scoop)

    Jumbo Bent Paddle Chair (Deep Scoop)
    Drawing inspiration from the classic beauty of countryside designs, the Amish Jumbo Bent Paddle (Deep Scoop) chairs exhibit an impressive slat-back styling in a...(more)

    $190.00 More Details
  • Folding Chair

    Folding Chair
    Simplistic design with space savings concept. Great for those tight spaces where maximizing space is a must. Our wood folding chair uses high strength steel f...(more)

    $194.00 More Details
  • Hoosier Chair

    Hoosier Chair
    A traditional or country style chair with a slightly bent back giving additional lumbar support. Can be ordered with turned legs (shown) or plain (smooth) legs....(more)

    $198.45 More Details
  • Tuscany Chair

    Tuscany Chair
    The Tuscany Chair is one of our smaller Shaker ladder backs. Works well with small to mid size Shaker/Mission tables. 18 3/4"W x 23"D x 40"H (Arm chair is 23 1/...(more)

    $198.45 More Details
  • Langston Chair

    Langston Chair
    The Amish Langston Chair is a smaller Shaker style chair featuring a slightly curved slab back rest. The Langston chair lends itself to Shaker and contemporary ...(more)

    $202.86 More Details
  • Bow Sheaf  (Country Sheaf) Chair

    Bow Sheaf (Country Sheaf) Chair
    The Amish Country Sheaf chair features dowels that are steamed and then hurried into form to create a unique backrest. The Country Sheaf chairs work well with a...(more)

    $205.06 More Details
  • Deep Scoop Bent Paddle Chair

    Deep Scoop Bent Paddle Chair
    The Bent Paddle (Deep Scoop) chairs are every bit classic in their appearance, which takes their charm to a whole new level. The arched backrest has been design...(more)

    $205.06 More Details
  • Logan Chair

    Logan Chair
    At 38"h The Amish Logan chair is one of our smaller Amish chairs. The Logan's slats and straight Mission lines are a perfect match for our Mission style tables....(more)

    $207.00 More Details
  • Lodge Chair

    Lodge Chair
    The Amish Lodge chair is Mission simplicity at its best. 18"W x 17"D x 38"H Lodge arm chair is 25"W Wood seat. Mortise tenon pocket screw construction. The Am...(more)

    $207.00 More Details
  • Bent Feather Chair

    Bent Feather Chair
    The Bent Feather Bow (Deep Scoop) chairs look as if they have come straight from a Windsor castle owing to their classic styling. The deep scoop of the curved b...(more)

    $207.27 More Details
  • Spring Meadow Pressback Chair

    Spring Meadow Pressback Chair
    A traditional pressback style chair available in Oak and Cherry.22"W x 16"D x 37"H (Arm is 25"W)...(more)

    $211.68 More Details
  • Bent Arrow Post Chair

    Bent Arrow Post Chair
    The Amish Bent Arrow Post Chair is a traditional or country style chair that works well with traditional style tables. Features an acorn pressing in the headres...(more)

    $211.68 More Details
  • Collins Chair

    Collins Chair
    Exuding timeless beauty from every angle, the Amish Collins chairs enjoy a sturdy wooden construction that is further accented by a radiant finish. The vertical...(more)

    $212.00 More Details
  • Venice Chair

    Venice Chair
    The Venice is one of our smallest shaker chairs, works well in smaller dining areas. **Click the picture above to see the arm chair version** 18"W x 17"D x 37"...(more)

    $213.88 More Details
  • Ellington Chair

    Ellington Chair
    The Ellington chair is a shaker style chair featuring flared Shaker legs and a tapering back slat. As it is a smaller chair, the Ellington will work best with s...(more)

    $214.60 More Details
  • Frankton Chair

    Frankton Chair
    The Amish Frankton Chair features a shaker flared leg and narrow back slats. The Frankton is one of our smaller Shaker style chairs with a height of 36". 18"w ...(more)

    $215.00 More Details
  • Arlington RH Chair

    Arlington RH Chair
    The Arlington Chair is capable of creating a welcoming dining set-up with its indulgent and inviting looks. The slanting placement of vertical slats along with ...(more)

    $216.00 More Details
  • Albany Chair

    Albany Chair
    The Albany Chair sports a visually-appealing design that will command attention without being too loud. Featuring a sturdy wooden construction, this chair stand...(more)

    $216.00 More Details
  • Bent Paddle Post Chair

    Bent Paddle Post Chair
    The majestic beauty of the Bent Paddle Post chairs brings in a refined elegance to your décor. The comfy backrest is an amazing fusion of an arched crown...(more)

    $216.00 More Details
  • Marbury Chair

    Marbury Chair
    The Marbury Chair is a shaker style chair featuring flared Shaker legs and 5 tapering slats for the backrest. The Marbury Chair is handcrafted in the USA by Ami...(more)

    $217.00 More Details
  • Denver Chair

    Denver Chair
    The Amish Denver chair is a sturdy Mission chair with traditional mission back slats. The Brookville is reminiscent of the Mission schoolhouse chair. As with ll...(more)

    $219.00 More Details
  • Lincoln Shaker Chair

    Lincoln Shaker Chair
    The Amish Lincoln Shaker Chair is a sturdy Shaker chair with curved rear legs and steam bent slats. As with all of our products,the Lincoln Shaker Chair is made...(more)

    $219.00 More Details
  • Louisdale Chair

    Louisdale Chair
    The Louisdale is a shaker style chair featuring flared Shaker legs and ladder-back style rungs for the backrest. The Louisdale chair is handcrafted in the USA. ...(more)

    $222.60 More Details
  • Jansen Chair

    Jansen Chair
    The Jansen chair is a shaker style chair featuring flared Shaker legs and a wide rung backrest with cutouts. As it is a smaller chair, the Jansen will work best...(more)

    $222.60 More Details
  • Lexford Chair

    Lexford Chair
    The Lexford Chair is a wider shaker style chair featuring wide slats and wood seat (standard). A very contemporary look! The Amish Lexford Chair is available in...(more)

    $224.91 More Details
  • Jackson Chair

    Jackson Chair
    The Amish Jackson Chair features simple Shaker stylings with thin steam bent bent dowels and smooth legs. Side: 18"W x 17"D x 42"H Arm: 25"W x 17"D x 42"H Sm...(more)

    $225.00 More Details
  • Concord Chair

    Concord Chair
    The Amish Concord features simple Shaker stylings with thin steam bent bent dowels and smooth legs. Side: 18"W x 17"D x 42"H Arm: 25"W x 17"D x 42"H Smooth ...(more)

    $225.00 More Details
  • Easton Shaker Chair

    Easton Shaker Chair
    The Amish Easton chair is a simple Shaker style featuring smooth legs and posts. The slight curvature on the Easton back slats provide additional lumbar support...(more)

    $225.00 More Details
  • Hawthorn Chair

    Hawthorn Chair
    The Amish Hawthorn chair is perfect for smaller dining or nook areas. The Hawthorn chair features a steam bent rounded stretcher. 18"w x 17"d x 33"h Wood seat....(more)

    $227.25 More Details
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